History and
development of PFPWA


Popular Front Party of Whole Azerbaijan (PFPWA) is the center-right party with the political concept which based on the ideological grounds and statehood model of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan, was created by the will and initiative of multiple activists of Azerbaijan Popular Front (APF), Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (APFP) and Azerbaijan National Liberation Movement, was declared on May 28, 1918 and was collapsed as a result of the Russian Bolshevik invasion on April 28, 1920.
Popular Front Party of Whole Azerbaijan was established in 1989 and is the successor of the Azerbaijan Popular Front (APF) which organized resistance against the soviet regime of Azerbaijan people and fought for the restoration of state independence of Azerbaijan.
For completion of its mission as socio-political movement, APF being the leader organization of National Liberation Movement was transformed into a political party after the restoration of state independence of Azerbaijan. The party was split into two parts after the death of Abulfaz Elchibay, the leader of National Liberation Movement and the Party. Since the same time, the political struggle was started for incorporation the party under the leadership of Gudrat Hasanguliyev, the adviser of Abulfaz Elchibay, the member of the Presidium of APFP. On August, 2002 was held the unifying congress of the party.
The party was called Popular Front Party of Whole Azerbaijan in the congress held on April, 2004.
PFPWA was state registered on August, 2005.
At present the local organizations of the party are operated in 67 cities and regions of Azerbaijan. The central headquarters of the party is located in Baku city.
PFPWA gained 1 mandate in the re-elections held to the National Assembly (Parliament) of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2003. 
The Party gained the same result in the elections held to the parliament in 2005, 2010, 2015. At present Gudrat Hasanguliyev, the chairman of the party, represents the PFPWA in the parliament of Azerbaijan.
In accordance with the Election Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, PFPWA appoints its representatives with decisive voting right for the Central Election Commission and all election commissions on country according to the results of parliamentary elections held in 2010.
PFPWA gained 81 mandates in the elections held to the municipals in 2009 and at present the party is preparing to participate in the next municipal elections that will be held on the 23rd of December.
PFPWA participated in the presidential elections held in 2003, 2008 and 2003 with its candidate.
The last congress of PFPWA was held on June 2, 2013 and Mr. Gudrat Hasanguliyev was elected chairman of the party. The congresses of the party are held according to the Charter of the party for 4 years.
PFPWA is the party which acts regularly with legislative initiatives. Constitutional reform package which was prepared by the party in 2008 and presented for public discussion is accepted as one of the key initiatives that can also be provide the development of political system of Azerbaijan.
The main goal of the party in the field of political and legal reforms is the transformation of Azerbaijan into a parliamentary republic, increasing the role of the parties in public administration, determination exactly borders between different branches of government, and ensuring full independence of juridical power.
The goal of the party is to achieve appropriation of Western political values and legal system in Azerbaijan, development of parliamentarism, determination exactly borders between different branches of government and implementing of mutual control, development and transparency of public administration system, building of legal state and civil society which fully provided democratic principles and rule of law through constantly renewed reforms in the Republic of Azerbaijan.