Popular Front Party of Whole Azerbaijan carries out political activity in favor of Human happiness, upgrade of Nation, Country and the State by:

  • reminding that the lands of historical Azerbaijan had been divided into two parts under Gulustan and Turkmanchay agreements signed in 1813 and 1828 between Russia and Iran, Azerbaijan National Republic had been liquidated in the result of Russian-bolshevik occupation in 1920, our nation had been kept under long-term colonial oppression, subjected to deportation, assimilation, political illegality, economic limitations, moral erosion;
  • stating that Azerbaijani people restored independence of Azerbaijan Republic on one part of its lands in the result of National Freedom Struggle and collapse of USSR, 20 percent of Azerbaijan lands are under occupied of Armenia, more than 35 million Azerbaijani Turks living in the south of Azerbaijan were under oppression and slavery in their own historical lands;
  • based on the right of each nation to live independent on its lands, to establish a state, to unite, human rights and fundamental freedoms determined under international law standards as well as the principle territorial integrity of states and integrity of borders;
  • taking into consideration national, political, economic, moral, religious, cultural interests of the nation and citizens of Azerbaijan.

Our way is independent civil society, legal state in permanent development!
The way which leads our people to bright future passes through integrity, nationalization and statehood.


  • PFPWA is a political organization – party uniting persons struggled against union of Azerbaijani people in single location and single flag and provision of territorial integrity, protection of state independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • The purpose of PFPWA is to achieve assimilation of Western political values and legal system in Azerbaijan, development of parliamentarism, determination of accurate lines between separate branches of the government and realization of mutual control, development and transparency of state administration system, full provision of democratic principles and highness of law by updated reforms in the Republic of Azerbaijan, establishment of legal state and civil society.
  • PFPWA cooperates with all political forces for independence and democracy, attracts people to political life.
  • PFPWA criticizes and rejects violence, terrorism as a means of achieving gods. It considers appropriate to use all forms of democratic and legal struggle under the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • PFPWA refers to political heritage of Mahammad Amin Rasulzade and Abulfaz Elchibay – contemporary national democracy ideology built on freedom, integrity, national union, ideological system on the state flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and traditions of of Azerbaijani people.


PFPWA takes principles like national and state interests, human rights, public sovereignty, nationalism, highness of the law of Azerbaijan as a base.    

Purposes and Responsibilities of PFPWA

PFPWA considers it necessary to achieve the following purposes in near future:

  • to provide territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, development of national security system in order to prevent any external interference and internal threats;
  • to continue activity for realization of Constitutional Reforms project prepared by Popular Front Party of Whole Azerbaijan in order to provide dynamic development in all fields of state and public life;
  • to provide full and fair transfer to market economy, to prove that all wealth of Azerbaijan belongs only Azerbaijani people;
  • to struggle against separatism policy and establish national sovereignty;
  • to propagandize widely ideas stated in Programme of PFPWA among the mass.

1. In the field of state and civil society establishment, political and legal reforms

PFPWA considers it necessary to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • to provide access to proportional election system for development of multy-party system, to realize appropriate Constitutional reforms for its formation by political parties or political parties, alliances won the parliament elections;
  • establishment of the board combating corruption, consisting of independent persons without any position, under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • to locate lines between separate branches of government, to strengthen mutual and public control mechanism;
  • to arrange severe and systematic struggle against corruption and bribery;
  • to achieve mutual trust and reliance among political forces in the country in order to establish free and fair competition conditions in all direction, to increase resistance, not to be dependent upon foreign countries and international organizations;

The state of Azerbaijan must pay special attention to the following in its foreign policy, by taking into account existing natural-geographical, historical, psychological, economic and other factors:

  • to take the principle of provision of territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan and termination of occupation of Azerbaijan territories by Armenia as a leading purpose and responsibility in relations with international and regional organizations, military-political alliances; 
  • to propagandize whole Azerbaijan idea, to achieve national revival and national self-consciousness of our cognates in the South Azerbaijan, to enlarge this process and to support them in their struggle for socio-political and cultural rights;
  • to demonstrate solidarity with Caucasian people in order to provide peace and tranquility in the region, to cooperate with them closely in economic, cultural etc. directions;
  • to enlarge strategic partnership to all Turkish world by paying special attention to political-economic and military relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey;
  • to widen relations with Turkish states and communities, to investigate national-moral values and to protect such values for future generations and to achieve realization of cultural-economic unity;
  • to develop relations with countries, which support territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan and which lead foreign policy based on international law and fair principles.

The state of Azerbaijan must take the following important steps in order to provide territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan:

  • to make military expenses 25-27 percent of state budget;
  • to direct substantial amount of funds in Oil Foundation to development of defense industry and strengthening defense skills of the country;
  • to realize professional army establishment process;
  • to strengthen control over the army, state and the public;
  • to take measures for providing Azerbaijan Army with the most contemporary technique, weapons and supplies;
  • to achieve passing of law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “About Azerbaijan territories under occupation” and preparation of Constitutional project defining legal status of Daglig Garabagh;
  • to take steps for unconditional release of Azerbaijan lands according to relevant decisions of UN Security Council.

2. In the field of economy

PFPWA, which understands that protection of independence, territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and provision of decent lifestyle of Azerbaijani people is impossible without development of non-energy sector and without establishment of strong and dynamic economy, considers it necessary to realize the following for development of our economy taking into account our natural conditions, geographical position, historical-traditional and national features:

  • development of independent market economy and fair competition conditions;
  • provision of economic independence;
  • to achieve realization of market economy mechanism covered with social rights, formed on the basis of insured, free and fair competition;
  • to make available conditions for private sector and development of entrepreneurship;
  • to widen governmental support for development of agriculture;
  • to provide immunity of property;
  • to approve and realize purposeful programs in order to reduce dependency of economy and state budget upon oil and gas factor;
  • to prefer development of local private banks. To store part of funds entered the Oil Foundation in local banks;
  • to make oil policy to serve for strengthening country’s political and economic independence;
  • to organize the staff of Observation Board of Oil Foundation, consisted of persons represented opposite parties in parliament and community representative with relevant speciality, in order to provide effective use of means and transparency in activity of State Oil Foundation (SOF);
  • to provide use of funds of Oil Foundation under the decision of parliament;
  • privatization of State Oil Company among citizens of Azerbaijan Republic;
  • to transfer service fields on gas, water, electricity to private sector;
  • to direct substantial part of profit, obtained from oil sector for thorough and reliable development of economy, to development of non-oil sector;
  • elimination of factors impeding the development of small-scale and middle-scale entrepreneurship;
  •  to guarantee security of investment entered the country and made on economy, to make secure conditions for investment of Azerbaijan citizens, who placed its investment on foreign banks;
  • To declare large-scale economic amnesty and to adopt special law on legalization of income;
  • To approve the right of each citizen to inform any authority without indicating origin of profits and property within 6 months after the law comes in force;
  • To make available conditions for formation and development of local and business entrepreneurs group in the country;
  • To apply long-term tax reductions for production and processing enterprises in rural regions;
  • To arrange a system of provision producers with financial resources, equipment and fuel, to establish available opportunities for farmers, businessmen to get loans under valid and log-term terms;
  • To put into commissioning small-or-large-scale enterprises, which activity is terminated and kept in the state balance as non-prospective facilities, with modern technologies, to open new workplaces and to present it to entrepreneurs with reduced prices in order to produce ready-made products;
  • To provide country’s food safety, to prefer requirements met on account of local production, to strengthen governmental and public control over quality of products imported from abroad;
  • To protect interests of internal market and local manufacturers, to stimulate local production and export;
  • To strengthen tax discipline for prevention of hidden economy. 

3. Social field

PFPWA considers it necessary to implement the following issues in order to provide decent life for each member of society:

  • to support activity of field and professional unions, independent trade unions in order to organize social protection of people;
  • to make available conditions for protection of family, which is a foundation of education of future generations as an initial base of society and plays important role in formation of morality, taking into consideration demographic and national features in Azerbaijan;
  • regulation of migration processes in the legislation, distribution of human resources pursuant to needs of separate regions of the Republic and economy;
  • realization of social security and social demographic policy in border regions;
  • to make available conditions for each employable citizen to work and earn;
  • to provide state patronage for groups needed social protection (refugees and IDP, invalids, orphans etc.);
  • to begin privatization of health-care institutions and application of  compulsory medical insurance;
  • to carry out indexation of pensions regularly and according to market prices;
  • to bring salary of persons working for budgect organizations up to average salary in the Republic;
  • definition and realization of valid and fair salary policy, based on “Believe, first of all” factor.

4. In the field of democracy and human rights

PFPWA struggles for the solution of the following issues for development of democratic society:

  • to provide highness of the law and equity of all legal entities in front of the law, including the state;
  • to follow national-moral peculiarities of the nation in adoption of law, to make efforts for democratizing existing laws and legal standards and to make it serve for citizens’ interests, to provide everyone’s equity before the law, to follow principles for respecting human rights, realization of substantial court reforms, to apply sworn assessors institution , to elect judges for life and to strengthen their social protection;
  • to establish public unions, political parties and mass media under the law and to make equal conditions for its activity, to take measures for its development;
  • reformation of the Judicial-Legal Council, consisting of judges and advocates  and persons engaged in scientific-pedagogical activity, and termination of its dependency upon executive authorities;
  • preparation of political, economic, legal, organizational and moral base for realization of human rights determined under international standards;
  • development of a mechanism for protection of citizens’ political rights, election and activity freedom, social rights, personal interest.

5.Culture, education and science

PFPWA considers it necessary to carry out the following measures in the field of culture, education and science:

  • preparation of development concept of national culture;
  • to eliminate administrative-legalistic management system on culture, education and science, to authorize relevant ministries and entities, independent creative unions, educational institutions for communicating and financing, to make opportunity for initiative;
  • to take measures for privatization of higher educational institutions and grant of student loans according to real socio-economic condition of the country and citizens;
  • to study history of our culture, take back miniatures, carpets, handwritten books, documents, belonged to Azerbaijan, which have national-moral value and historical importance for Azerbaijani people, to increase state financing for application and popularization of our national culture, to determine legal standards increasing responsibilities of state authorities and citizens related to protection, restoration and popularization of cultural monuments, to enlarge cooperation with international organizations;
  • to learn Azerbaijan culture and history as a part of Turkish culture and history, to investigate history, culture, morality of Turkish nations systematically and thoroughly, to restore single alphabet and common literary language tradition, to provide permanent information exchange;
  • to develop economic, political, cultural and scientific-technical relationships with all countries, where Azerbaijani Turks live, in order to maintain national and cultural integrity of Azerbaijani Turks, to carry out coherent researches for learning history, culture, morality etc. of Azerbaijani people in unity, to establish joint cultural societies, to enlarge mutual cooperation for restoration of historical monuments, to arrange joint cultural and sport events;  
  • to provide wide relations for offsets of our nation, living outside of Azerbaijan Republic, with Motherland, for safeguarding our national and moral values;
  • to establish available conditions for each citizen to realize his/her intellectual potential and skills;
  • to widen activities for development and popularization of Azerbaijani language and literature, our music, the fine arts, and other fields of our culture;
  • to prepare and implement development conception of science based on successes of contemporary science and technique and scientific traditions of Azerbaijan;

6. In the field of Youth and sport policy

The basic principles of youth and sport policy of PFPWA are as follows:

  • to carry out fundamental reforms in education system in order to bring up a generation, who is ready for all difficulties of life, loves the Motherland, nation and state, assimilates contemporary technology and world culture and who is connected with national-moral values; 
  • to achieve implementation of all provisions of Laws “Om state youth policy” and “On physical training and Sport” of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • to educate youth in the spirit of respect to history, cultural heritage, traditions, state language and symbols, national and public values of Azerbaijani people, on the basis of patriotism, Turkism, statism, secularization principles;  
  • to provide active participation of youth in public, political, socio-economic and cultural life of the society, to mobilize their creativity potential in solution of common problems;
  • to follow equality among women and men in realization of youth policy;
  • to take measures for education, physical, intellectual and moral development of youth and protection of their health;
  • to provide professional training, employment of youth, to take measures for obtaining knowledge in market economy, entrepreneurial activity;
  • to establish conditions for participation of youth in international events, development of mutual relations with youth all over the world and with young compatriots in foreign countries;
  • privatization of Olympic Complexes by keeping activities on appointment;
  • development of national sport and  of Turkish nations other than Olympic sports;
  • In the field of local administrative entities


PFPWA considers necessary to take the following steps for provision of active participation of local administrative entities in all spheres of country’s life:

  • to increase authorities of municipalities;
  • to present municipalities the status of local authorities;
  • to establish Baku and Ganja large city municipalities.
  • Morality and religion


  • to investigate our national morality widely with scientific principles and to accept it as a column of our national state structure, economic development and cultural upgrade;
  • to protect our national culture from external impacts, to carry out practical activities against immorality and spread of “values” contrary to our national historical conscience, national behavior, to pay strict attention to popularization of our material and cultural values;
  • to prepare and implement special program which enables realization of freedom of conscience freedom of religion and outlook, considers every condition for fulfillment of moral duties by believers, accepts variety of faith, considers negative relation to religions a thought contrary to humanism, considers confrontation between separate religions and sects a crime against of mankind, rejects every kind of fanaticism, guarantees independent development of all religions;
  • to prevent politicization of religion, to prohibit use of religions attributes by employees of all governmental offices, organizations and enterprises and citizens studying there;

9. Environment

PFPWA considers necessary to solve the following problems in the field of environment:

  • to create healthy environment in the Republic, to provide environmental safety of all people and society;
  • to develop and realize certain measures in order to protect nature, flora and fauna, to prevent pollution of the atmosphere;
  • to make efforts for following “Long-term and stable development” conception prepared by  UN “Development and Environmental protection” Board related to environmental protection, to stimulate active participation of organization in this field, to determine legislative documents increasing responsibility of the state, officials and citizens;
  • to liquidate facilities having ecological danger;
  • to establish perfect environmental supervision and protection system;
  • to enlarge international and regional cooperation related to environmental problems;
  • to develop and implement appropriate program in order to meet drinking water need of people.